5th Annual Garrett County Birdfest


Friday May 5,  5 - 7 pm

  • Opening night social and "Art Eye View on Birds" reception at the Discovery Center.  Co-sponsored by the Garrett Arts Council.

Saturday May 6,  2 - 3 pm

  • Feathers in Focus live birds of prey photograph, paint, sketch event Saturday May 6, 2 - 3 pm.   Meet the birds of our aviary up close and personal.  $10 donation

Kids activities all weekend at the Discovery Center

Join us May 5, 6, 7, 2017 for this new and exciting weekend of birding.

This birdfest was created to help fairly new, but very interested birders become more accomplished at this challenging sport. We spend a lot of time listening to and learning bird songs. $5/trip, 16 and under free.

Early May is the perfect time to see birds migrating through the area. Most migrants have returned but the leaves haven’t grown enough to block your view of the birds in the tree tops.

Join us for one or more walks. You may develop a new and lifelong healthy obsession.

  • Friend’s Delight at Sang Run, Friday, May 5, 8:00 a.m.

    • Meet at the Sang Run kayak put in. This trip will be led by Garrett County top birder, Ranger Connie Skipper. You may see American Kestrel, Pileated Woodpecker, Wild Turkey, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Northern Parula, American Redstart and many more (53 species last year). The walk is approx. 1 ½ mile. Difficulty: moderate.

  • Herrington Manor State Park, Friday, May 5, 7:00 p.m.

    • Meet at the Herrington Manor State Park Lake House for a crepuscular bird ramble. Matt Tillett will be your leader. Expect to see and hear swallows, barred owl, and newly arriving migrant songbirds. Participants can listen for owls and amphibians as nature’s chorus transitions through the evening. ½ mile. Difficulty: easy.

  • Jennings Randolph Reservoir, Saturday, May 6, 6:30 a.m.

    • Meet at the Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center and carpool to the Reservoir. Mikey Lutmerding, a super birder, will lead this trip. Possibilities include Cerulean, Hooded, Golden-winged and Kentucky Warblers (73 species seen last year). You will check the lake for eagles and loons. 1 mile. Difficulty: moderate.

  • Western MD 4-H Center, Saturday, May 6, 7:00 a.m.

    • Meet at the Western MD 4-H Center on Rt. 495 near Bittinger, MD. This trip will be led by an excellent birder, Aaron Holochwost. Expect to see Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Eastern Kingbird, American Redstart, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and many more. 1 ¾ mile, Difficulty: moderate

  • Beginning Bird Program, Saturday, May 6, 8:00 a.m.

    • Meet at the Discovery Center. This program will cover the basics of birding; including optics, field guides, notebooks and electronics.  Ken Dzaack will also discuss how to identify a bird by using various clues such as field marks, habitats, and songs.  Participants will then walk through the park to practice their new skills identifying the birds they encounter. 

  • Mt. Nebo Wildlife Management Area, Saturday, May 6, 1:00 p.m.

    • Meet at the Rt. 219 entrance parking lot. J.B. Churchill will lead this hike through the area looking for woodland, edge and wetland species. There is also a large beaver pond on which to look for waterfowl. Common Raven, Least Flycatcher, Black-throated Green Warbler, White-eyed Vireo and Brown Thrasher are good possibilities.  1 ½ miles, Difficulty: moderate

  • The Glades, Saturday, May 6, 1:00 p.m.

    • Meet at the Discovery Center, then carpool to the Glades. Kevin Dodge leads this hike. Expect wetland species such as Alder Flycatcher, Swamp Sparrow, Northern Waterthrush, and Nashville Warbler. Be prepared for irregular, soggy footing. The walk is somewhat challenging. 1 ½ mile

  • Lost Land Run, Sunday, May 7, 6:30 a.m.

    • Meet at the Discovery Center. Group will car pool to Lost Land Run in the Potomac State Forest. Several stops may be made along the way to spot grassland species. This trip will yield Cerulean, Black-throated Blue and Blackburnian Warblers, Acadian Flycatcher and many more. Birding is done at stops along the route. Short scenic side trips to Cascade Falls and Potomac River overlook are short and somewhat difficult.


Call 301-387-7067 to sign up for the bird walks.

Depending on participation, we may add more field trips in order to keep the groups small. Dress in multiple layers. Waterproof boots are recommended. Bring snacks and water. If it is a good birding day, hikes may last up to three to four hours.

For additional weekend details, pre-shirt sales, and available discounts, please call 301-387-7067.